The cloud plays an integral role in supply chains today. It provides cutting-edge technologies that enable companies of all sizes and scales to process vast amounts of data from any source within the supply chain. Cloud computing has transformed business decision making, powering companies with smart business insights that result in improved outcomes. The sheer speed at which the cloud can handle data, and the immense volume of data it can manage, makes it indispensable to any organisation. 

In this post, OCI explores the growing role of the cloud in supply chains – both domestically and globally – and how sustainability will be a major consideration in any organisation’s decision on cloud-based services. Read below to find out more, and if you would like to learn about how OCI can empower your company – contact us today at:


The Increasing Role of the Cloud in Supply Chains


The global COVID-19 pandemic shone a spotlight on supply chains across the world. It demanded flexibility, adaptability and resilience. Supply chains needed to be responsive, and continuously evolve to keep up with rapid economic and societal changes. One of the best ways to ensure responsiveness and flexibility within any supply chain is to utilise the cloud to its full potential. Today, more and more companies are integrating cloud-based technologies into their supply chains.

The cloud’s unrivalled computing power is being harnessed to help business leaders manage their company’s service levels and cost, become more resilient and operate in a more sustainable and responsible manner. Many businesses are prioritising sustainability when it comes to their choice of cloud services. They’re taking into account their organisation’s carbon footprint, which quantifies the amount of greenhouse gases produced. 

Questions such as – does the data centre run on renewable energy, or does it adopt green computing practices – are becoming fundamental in any decision. When looking for a cloud provider, it’s imperative to consider how green and sustainable their data centres are. Ideally, you’ll want to choose a cloud provider that places importance on energy efficiency, energy conservation and renewable energy sources. 


Momentum Behind Cloud Services with Green Data Centres


Green data centres are defined as data repositories where data is stored, managed and disseminated in a way that maximises energy efficiency and minimises environmental impact. For example, the data centre might utilise alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic technology, or the physical building might have been constructed using low-emission materials. 

Any green data centre that seeks to incorporate greener practices into its construction and operation is playing its part towards a more sustainable future for everyone. In an age where immense focus has been placed on sustainability – particularly in these times of the COP26 – sustainable data centres are gaining momentum. Cloud providers that are offering carbon aware cloud services, or carbon intelligent clouds, are gaining in popularity as the universal importance of sustainability becomes clear to all stakeholders. 


Machine Learning Capabilities


The cloud is at the forefront of technological innovation. It provides users with access to the very latest and most advanced analytical technologies – whether this be machine learning or artificial intelligence. Machine learning offers myriad benefits for supply chains, helping supply chain managers to more effectively deal with any challenges that arise. 

Machine learning can help your organisation gather, process, understand and react to data at a faster speed and volume. It can significantly enhance your efficiency, and enable you to make huge cost savings. What’s more, it can provide unique insights, which can inform your supply chain strategy and help you to achieve improved supply chain performance in the long-term.


How Can OCI Assist You


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