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Engineering resilient structures to support dynamic operations

Unlocking unlimited working capital for your business

Beating the traditional methods of funding and designing finance structures competitive with bank financing

Injecting cash into your supply chain so you can focus on your core business

Adapting flexible financing models to support your business objectives



OCI is product and industry and product agnostic.

Our commitment enables your business to source products that match your specifications, requirements, and accreditations. OCI utilises its local presence across all markets and countries, in order to provide in-person oversight of the procurement process to ensure both the required qualities and the quantities are achieved.


Commercial negotiations and contracts

Designing bespoke contracts to support individual goals of your business - build on trusted relationships and longevity.

OCI’s global network and extensive experience enables us to perform commercial negotiations on your behalf, using our pool of resources to obtain optimal terms and pricing.

Trade & working capital

Fuelling growth for your business by injecting cash immediately into your supply chains to meet your working capital needs.

We can organise flexible capital for your trade by leveraging our network of global banks and financial institutions. This allows you to offer extended credit terms to your buyers whilst also making immediate payments to your suppliers. Through our diversification of funders, we are able to minimise risk and disruption. Furthermore, by using a tailored choice of financial partners, we can optimise both the funding potential and capabilities for your trade.

Import & export documentation

Enabling seamless delivery of your goods and services through securing flexible contracts.

OCI can facilitate and coordinate the necessary documentation to enable the seamless delivery of your goods. These documents may include import and export papers, customs declarations, regulatory certificates and documents, and in-land logistics paperwork, to name but a few.


Leveraging our global network to provide unlimited support in enabling the efficient flow of your products.

We specialise in the provision of multi and mix modal logistics from your suppliers to any designated destinations across the globe, in the timeframe required. Through the provision of logistics via air, sea, rail, and road, we are able to provide extensive operational solutions, whilst delivering on time, to your key location. Our logistics team has a fundamental understanding of what you require and keeps your interests at the forefront of all operations.

Inventory management

Delivering expert advice and extending our warehousing and storage facilities to meet your inventory requirements.

OCI understands that you often have complex SKU inventories and requirements and we are able to balance the differing demands for certain products. Using sophisticated data calculations, we ensure that a systematic approach to the sourcing, storing, and selling of inventory is taken. We work closely with your preferred inventory-control systems, which enable just-in-time (JIT) and just-in-case (JIC) deliveries for you.

OCI partners with entities by linking directly into their supply chain, designing solutions that unlock their true potential

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We are flexible in our approach, individually tailoring our solutions to suit your individual business goals

Case studies

Resources and solutions we’ve created for our clients

Case Study - Food Distribution

OCI partnered with a US food distribution conglomerate to finance their inbound inventory. Our partner required over 1 billion USD worth of goods to be secured from a number of factories in Asia. OCI financed the advance payments needed to pay their suppliers. Furthermore, OCI implemented a comprehensive, end-to-end and multi-modal logistics strategy in order to deliver the goods to their distribution network across the United States - all whilst keeping the goods on OCI’s balance sheet. The products were then ultimately sold to our partner in a ‘just-in-time’ manner with up to 180 days open account credit terms.

Case Study - Agriculture

Partnering with a large agricultural consortium in South America across two years, OCI enabled our partner to finance 0.25bn USD worth of agricultural products. OCI facilitated the advanced payment to the consortium in order for them to finance their supplies from local markets. This dramatically increased the consortium’s available liquidity on their balance sheet, enabling them to cost-effectively restructure their existing debt.

Case Study - E-commerce

OCI is partnered with an e-commerce giant headquartered in China. The Chinese entity wanted to sell around 2 billion USD worth of inventory to their USA counterpart and needed to be paid on the shipment date - without providing the USA entity any credit terms. The USA entity however wished to receive the inventory delivered to their warehouse and on 180 days open account credit terms. OCI was able to first facilitate the payment to the Chinese entity upon receipt of shipping documents. Whilst working in tandem with the partner’s in-house logistics department, OCI took title and customs cleared the goods as importer of record in the USA, before delivering to the US entities desired warehouses and providing the required extended credit period.