During this challenging time, OCI is utilising its endless expertise and extensive knowledge to support the global effort in the sourcing and deployment of PPE and critical equipment. 

The current need for PPE is paramount in tackling the life threatening danger that essential workers are facing across many sectors, services and industries. In these unforeseen circumstances, countries find themselves requiring vast, unparalleled volumes of essential, life saving equipment. Many regions around the world simply do not hold adequate levels of the PPE and critical equipment required to meet such high demands of the COVID-19 crisis. 

Like OCI, global companies of all industries are turning their expertise to face this deadly challenge. Louis Vuitton, amongst many well known manufacturers worldwide, have completely repurposed some of their production houses across France to produce non-surgical face masks and gowns to support their domestic PPE requirements. Alongside PPE, the urgency for life saving equipment such as ventilators, is greater than ever before. McLaren, Mercedes AMG F1 and Prodrive have bravely focused on developing and producing ventilators, assisting hospitals where they need it most. Through reverse-engineering and refining highly complex products in a matter of hours – whilst making their designs completely open source. Previous inconsistent production across a number of PPE products, has led to governments reaching out to the private sector to utilise expertise within their economy, in hope to bridge the gap in the flow of supply.

OCI, is a commodity trading organisation based in central London. Operating across a wide range of products – including steel, oil and gas, OCI’s business has by no means contracted due to the global pandemic. Since incorporation, OCI has established a strong network base and has developed intricate, valuable knowledge of the trading industry. Consequently, the firm has redirected focus and supported global bodies such as the NHS, UAE Ministry of Presidential Affairs, Mexico and various other EU governments in sourcing PPE and medical grade products.


Director, Oliver Chapman, who established OCI in 2008 said, “at such times of global crisis, it is our honour to switch OCI’s focus and utilise our intricate network, to support world wide governments and countries in the successful delivering of PPE. With our offices in the UK, EMEA, Hong Kong and the US, the team has worked relentlessly to meet the stringent and necessary requirements, laid out by our customers. We will continue to strive and deliver to ensure we are doing all we can to beat this pandemic and virus together.”

Working coherently and seamlessly whilst away from the central London office, OCI are proud to have the ideal agility to enable focus on supporting the COVID-19 pandemic. Expanding on the 25 years of combined exposure within the pharmaceuticals markets, OCI has quickly and efficiently ascertained strong and trustworthy relationships with key suppliers, to deliver a portfolio of necessary PPE products. These items include; 

  • KN95 face masks

  • 3Ply face masks

  • FFP 2 & 3 face masks

  • Face shields

  • Eye protection goggles

  • Gowns and bodysuits

  • Gloves variable materials; PVC, vinyl and nitrile

  • Ventilators and other lifesaving equipment

OCI is a resilient team of experts in sourcing, procuring, transporting and distributing products globally. Utilising its existing and ever-expanding logistics network, OCI has worked effectively to move lifesaving supplies all around the world via air and road. Whilst working remotely and in submission to the restrictions of the lockdown, the team manages orders fluidly around-the-clock and across many different time-zones, to ensure full support to each and every customer.

As the COVID-19 pandemic worsens day by day, OCI utilise their skills and resources to ensure that they meet the strict criteria for each individual global body, both on a company and product level. The severity of meeting these guidelines is a crucial and understandable necessity. OCI only works with CE and where appropriate, FDA accredited products. Utilising the ‘whitelists’ released by the U.S CDC and other respective government issued documents, all manufacturers and suppliers are correctly screened for full certification, test reports, photos and video evidence in conjunction with our usual, extensive due diligence processes. The firm invests a colossal amount of time and resource into verifying their supply chain and understands just how important this is during the COVID-19 crisis. Furthermore, OCI have utilised their in-house logistics team to navigate the complex airfreight domain, ensuring products are received in a cost sensitive and timely manner. 

OCI provides the necessary finance and credit support, bridging the gaps in such trade, again ensuring the PPE products can be delivered to the front line as quickly and efficiently as possible. As these items are shipped often in the millions of units, we strongly believe in fully supporting the trade and ensuring that all products meet the necessary testing and safety requirements. Given the constant change in price, availability and logistical requirements of the PPE, OCI have remained proactive and extremely competitive in the market. As a result of this commitment, OCI are pleased to have directly supplied an initial order of eight-million masks to the Ministry of Presidential Affairs for the UAE Government and some private clients. We have been successful in submitting tenders to supply PPE to the NHS, Mexico and German Governments and look forward to working with other nations as required.  As a global business, we remain committed to supporting all governments and countries that require assistance in the sourcing and delivery of these sensitive materials – ultimately this is our specialism.  Naturally, OCI is dedicated to supporting the UK economy and feel entirely confident that we can continue to deliver the PPE needed to assist the country in this time of need.  For information on how OCI can support public and private bodies with the sourcing of PPE equipment, please Contact Us.