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Building scope for global growth

Green Data in Supply Chains

The 2020s - termed the ‘decade of action’ by the U.N. - is the age of climate change. With every new year comes a rapidly-growing awareness that it...

Assessing The Supply Chain

Assessing The Supply Chain

In today’s fast-moving, digital-focused economy, the most successful organisations are transforming their supply chains to better reflect their...

What is a Procurement partner?

What is a Procurement partner?

COVID-19 has demanded that firms take a long hard look at their global supply chain models and assess the vulnerabilities that exist. Doing so has...

Women in Business

Women in Business

The trend of hiring more women for leadership positions is increasing with reports claiming that there are now more women running Fortune 500...

US/China Trade War Winners

US/China Trade War Winners

Since the Trump administration’s decision to focus so heavily on America’s trading position a trade war is ensuing with (especially) China and...

Trump’s Trade Tirade

Trump’s Trade Tirade

Steel – a commodity that unpins much of the world’s infrastructure, economic development and competitiveness – has just found itself with a complete...

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